How to repot a houseplant

When bringing your houseplants inside for the winter, check each one to see if it is “root bound.”

If the roots are growing in a thick circular pattern at the bottom of the pot, then it needs to be stepped up to the next sized planter.

In the video and article below we show you how:

To keep your plants healthy, the roots need fresh soil to grow into, and your plant needs a bigger pot.

Choose a pot that is the next size up. This little guy was in a 4″ pot, so we are stepping him up to a 6″ pot.

  • Wet down the potting soil (never use dry potting mix, you will send your plant into shock!).
  • The consistency should be like cookie dough or brownie mix.
  • Fill the bottom of the pot with the moist potting mix.
  • “Tickle” the roots of your plant.
  • (Untangle and spread the roots so the can grow in different directions into the new soil.)
  • Hold the plant at the desired height in the pot with one hand, and fill in the soil around it with the other.
  • Tamp down the soil with your fingers – firmly, but gently – enough so the plant doesn’t tip over and out of the pot, but don’t crush it into the pot.
  • Finally, let your newly repotted plant soak up water from the bottom (30 minutes or so), which will help the roots adjust and establish themselves in their stylish new home.


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