Fall Favorites

Victoria picked out a cart full of her fall favorites. In these videoes she explains what makes each fall beauty special AND why fall is a wonderful time to plant.

Diamond Rouge Hydrangea

The Diamond Rogue Hydrangea is a hydrangea variety that goes from all white to deep, deep red as the weather gets cooler. You can see in the video that the flowers are just kissed with pink now. Diamond Rogue is just one of the amazing hydrangea varieties we carry.


This is Lespedeza, or Bush Clover. It is a small shrub that dies down to ground in the winter. Each spring, it's soft, arching branches regrow and in the fall, it is covered with the most amazing chains of pink flowers.

Ninebark and Hardy Ageratum

Victoria picked out a cartload of her fall favorites and explains what she loves about each one. Here she combines the blue fall blooms of hardy Ageratum with the white flowers and purple foliage of 'Little Devil' Ninebark, a shrub that stays 4 to 5 feet tall and wide. Add in the pink blooms of Lespedeza and you have spectacular October color in your garden!

Rozanne Geranium and Toad Lily

Toad Lilies are small fall-blooming perennials that have almost orchid-like flowers. They are deer resistant, shade plants and they are a fall favorite! Rozanne Geraniums are beautiful blue flowers that bloom from May until November--one of the few perennials that bllo for such a long period!

Coral Berry

Coral Berry (Symphoriarpos 'Sophie') is also called Proud Berry. It will grow 4 to 5 feet high and wide and has this spectacular pink fruit and blueish green foliage.

Butterfly Bush

There is a reason they call them butterfly bushes. The Monarch butterflies are fueling up, getting ready to migrate south--all the way to Mexico. Fall is a good time to plant a butterfly bush in your garden.


Why doesn't everyone have these beauties? Beauty Berry (Calicarpa) is one of Victoria Gardens' favorites. Victoria pulled a whole cartload of her fall favorites and explains what she loves about each one. There is a lot to love about Calicarpa: it stays small-4 to 5 feet tall and wide, it has a lovely arching growth habit, it is covered with light purple flowers in the summer and stunning, deep purple berries in the fall.

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