Landscaping Before and After Photos in Olivebridge, NY

After almost 30 years garden design, landscaping installation and maintenance in Ulster, Dutchess and Sullivan counties, Victoria Gardens has made clients happy by thinking out of the box.

And sometimes out of the driveway!

This before and after is the perfect example of a driveway that was inhibiting how the clients were enjoying their outside space.

The gravel driveway came all the way up to the back door. This separated the house from a set of outdoor stairs, which led to the pool.

You had to traverse across sharp gravel, weave in and around parked cars, and run into the FedEx guy in your bare feet and bathing suit every time you wanted to take a dip in the pool!

Not even consciously thinking about it, that becomes a passive barrier blocking the client from spending optimal time enjoying their pool.

But what’s a person to do? Isn’t the driveway literally set in stone?


You are not limited by existing walkways, garden beds, or even driveways. Victoria and her crew have dramatically transformed outside spaces to the surprise and delight of clients.

We brought in the backhoe and tore up the driveway.

We brought in stone dust and flat stone for the new patio.

The patio was designed to blend in with the natural rock outcroppings in the hillside next to it. Victoria picked out ferns and sedums to be planted in and around the rock outcroppings to feel natural at the edge of the wooded area near by.

And we brought in square stone for the retaining wall and stairs that would define the new reclaimed yard from the now (much!) smaller driveway.

We moved the fence back to around the pool area. Then we brought in new soil to make garden beds and level out where we had dug out the old driveway – adding to the size and openness of the backyard.

We planted grass seed.


And waited for the grass to grow!

Now our clients walk out their back door into the privacy of their new backyard, across the new relaxing patio, past their newly planted garden beds, and head to the pool.

The new garden beds were planted with a variety of deer resistant perennials, ferns, grasses, and ground covers.

Victoria Gardens helped our clients reclaim hundreds of square feet on their property for their privacy and enjoyment.

But what about the poor cars?

Don’t worry, there is still enough driveway to park 3 or 4 cars if necessary. And now there is a real entrance! As you climb a few stone steps, you are led on a whimsical curving path of stepping stones to the front porch. Leave the outside world behind as you step into a backyard that feels like a sanctuary in the country, instead of a parking lot.

Any project by Victoria Gardens begins with an hour long consultation with Victoria. The purpose of a consultation is to allow the designer to see your property and gives you the opportunity to ask any questions and to express your vision, wishes, and requirements for the project.

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At Victoria Gardens you will find a selection of trees, shrubs and perennials that are chosen specifically for our area and for our customers most frequently voiced problems: deer, dry soil, wet spots, and shady areas.

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